Malware Detection & Removal

Since 2012, Malware has been the #1 biggest threat to the personal and business computer! Whether it is viruses, malware, adware, ransomware, and others, TechBright Malware services will get you back on track. We have the perfect solution cocktail for network security, malware detection and removal, as well as the most important part, prevention. It starts with our malware removal services, but continues with ongoing protection.

Malware is software that is intended to damage or disable computers or computer systems. TechBright’s malware removal services clean and strip these nasty bits of software from your environment, getting your infrastructure back to top operating condition.

Don't fall victim to the latest and greatest attacks from intruders!

Not a minute goes by that creative malicious software developers aren’t trying to extract your personal and business sensitive information for their gain. Many of these intruders are part of an underground black market that sells and distributes credit card numbers, social security numbers, tax information, identities, and more. These criminals sell this information for little cost in large quantities.

These tricky methods to capture your information can come from “phishing” sites that appear to be a familiar logon screen, a malicious attachment to an email disguised as a PDF or Word document, a colleague’s compromised email account sending messages claiming an unpaid invoice, and much more. TechBright has training services for your business as well to keep your staff fresh with the latest methods and trends to be aware of.

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Phishing and Overconfident Users

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How are businesses making changes based on new attacks?

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TechBright has a malware, virus, and ransomware solution for you! Let us analyze your environment and fill the gaps to keep you secure. Give us a call or message us for more information!