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Server Installation & Maintenance

As expert consultants, TechBright knows the intricacies of small, medium, and large enterprise servers and systems. Office servers are much more than file sharing systems; they offer much more! TechBright will guide you through the process of purchasing, installing, and maintaining a robust office server system.

Servers allow your company to allow many new technologies to be used to your advantage. Have you ever wanted to have a reliable local hub for all your company files and control your employee’s access to them? Are you worried about a high turnover rate that could risk proprietary and confidential information? We can help secure your office with these and many more solutions!

What are some benefits of a server?

File and Document Sharing
Employee Remote Access
Permission Based Duties
Employee Turnover Protection
Centralized Backup Locations
High Availability & Consolidation

Reduce your server costs with us!

TechBright partners with VMware to offer consolidated server solutions!

  • Purchase one server that can run 10,20, or 30+ servers at once!
  • Save on licensing and hardware
  • Take up less office room for offices without a comm. room
  • Control what systems your employees have access to
  • Lower power consumption by consolidating systems
  • Protect your data from easily being breached

What does a server offer?


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